With numerous treks to California and New Mexico with horses in tow, we know long-distance hauling. And we love it. There’s something about the open road and pulling into Big Sky country that can’t be put into words.


On these trips no one is a stranger, adventures are guaranteed, and you find beauty everywhere.


The lovely places we’ve stayed inspired us to design the Windhorse experience at our guest ranch in historic Burlington, KY.


From the jumbo stalls to the nite-nite PM horse treat of carrot or alfalfa cube, staying at Windhorse is designed to support you and your equine partners on your travels.


The beauty and tranquility of our facility offers you and your horses safety, convenience, important amenities, and peace of mind -- a place to unwind and recharge.


Stay overnight, or stay to trail ride off the property into the surrounding hills and woods; or explore the many parks and trails just 30-45 minutes from the property.


Windhorse sits at the gateway to Kentucky Bluegrass Country, home of the legendary Thoroughbred farms; also the popular Bourbon Trail where you can enjoy the rich history of craft distillers the state has to offer.


We look forward to hosting you and your horses. And, once you’re our guest we have to say, Kentucky-style, “Y’all come back now!”


Hope to see you soon.